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Top 10 Heat-Proof Blooms For The Perfect Bridal Bouquet

The date for your Big Day is approaching, and you haven’t decided what flowers to choose for your perfect bridal bouquet? Don’t worry, our professional florists at Stems’n’Pots have put together a list of the best heat-proof blooms that will keep your bridal bouquet fresh, all the way from the walk down the aisle to the bouquet toss.

Tying The Knot In The Summertime Magic 

All weddings are memorable, but there is something special about saying ‘I do’ on a lavish sunset in July. Summer weddings always seem to have a special charm. There is something about the warm weather that lifts people’s spirits and transforms the ambiance of your venue. Moreover, during the summer months, an array of floral options is available, allowing you to come up with beautiful arrangements that match your bridal motif.

And while you can add flowers to every element of your Big Day – from the altar to the reception table to the cake – the perfect bridal bouquet is perhaps the most important. Wedding bouquets are the most standout elements of your special day. Your perfect bridal bouquet has a prime spot in all your beautiful bridal portraits, proving elegance, fragrance, and even a pop-up color.

What Are The Best Flowers For The Perfect Bridal Bouquet?

Picking the blooms for the perfect bridal bouquet can be a challenge, whatever the season. Choosing the best flowers for your perfect bridal bouquet often comes down to the vision you have for your big day. But with the special vibe of a summer wedding, comes the summer heat that adds an extra variable to your floral decisions. 

If you’re planning a celebration in a location known for its summer heat, it may be in your best interest to select flowers for your perfect bridal bouquet that’ll stand up the sky-high temps.
With a little extra love and care, your perfect bridal bouquet can hold up fairly well in the heat. But there are some blooms that may not make it all the way through the ceremony, and you certainly want to avoid those when crafting your perfect bridal bouquet. 

Not sure where to start? That’s where the professional florists at Stems’n’Pots step in. Check out our list of the Top 10 flowers that will not wilt on your wedding day and send flowers Dubai on the same day.

Top 10 Heat-Proof Blooms For Your Perfect Bridal Bouquet

With so many vibrant, in-season flowers to select from, narrowing down your list may be difficult. Here’s our list of the Top 10 tried-and-true heat-resistant flowers that will hold up on your hot big day:

  1. The Sunflower 

Sunflowers thrive in warm temperatures, which makes them one of the ideal blooms for your perfect bridal bouquet. They’re considered a symbol of happiness and positivity, which perfectly aligns with the feelings of such a life-altering moment. With their wide area and vivid yellow petals, sunflowers are great in wedding bouquets as the central star but are also an ideal option for a standalone bloom.

  1. Protea Flower 

Another flower to initially add to your list of heat-proof blooms for the perfect bridal bouquet is the Protea flower. Native to South Africa, these flowers thrive in hot temperatures, and with their striking share, they’re guaranteed to add visual interest to your perfect bridal bouquet. 

  1. Lavender

When planning the blooms for your perfect bridal bouquet, note that whether you opt for fresh or dried, the lavender’s long stems with tiny purple buds and a pleasant scent is promised to add a noteworthy detail to your perfect bridal bouquet. You can easily combine lavender with other pastel summer flowers, like roses and peonies.
Combining purple lavender with eucalyptus will result in a stunning and 100% heat-proof wedding bouquet that looks as pretty as it smells.

  1. Agapanthus 

Agapanthus or the ‘Love Flower’ is another suitable summer bloom for your perfect bridal bouquet. Agapanthus looks gorgeous on its own or when clustered into a bouquet. You can also find them under the name of African Lily, and they are an ideal way to add some pop-up color if your bridal bouquet is mainly white-themed.

  1. Dahlias

With their detailed textured petals Dahlias flowers are a popular statement for your perfect bridal bouquet. Dahlias don’t have any scent, but they have an extensive color range allowing you to choose from soft pinks to bright orange or simply white.
You may use Dahlias to add a rustic vibe to your wedding theme or let them stand alone for a more refined look. 

  1. Gerbera Daisies

With its bright, bold, and super-sturdy stalks, Gerbera Daisie’s blooms are an ideal heat-proof summer wedding flower choice that will help you in crafting your perfect bridal bouquet. Classic and charming gerbera daisies are one of the top picks for your wedding bouquet. These absolutely stunning blooms have a subtle scent and come in many color options and can easily fit into various wedding color schemes.

  1. Orchids 

If you’re looking to include elegant blooms in your perfect bridal bouquet, then Orchids blooms are your top choice.
Orchid flowers come in a wide range of colors and shares, enabling you to choose from mini to huge orchid blooms. White orchids are typically used for wedding bouquets, but if you’d like a more vivid floral statement you can go for shades of pink and purple as well. 

  1. Freesia 

The freesia flower is an ideal choice for brides that are looking to achieve a more wild and informal look with their wedding bouquets. This fragrant flower is a symbol of innocence and trust and works well on its own as a filler bloom.

  1. Queen Anne’s Lace  – A Flower To Match Your Dress 

If your wedding dress is made of lace or has lace details, then Queen Anne’s Lace flower is your top pick to include in your perfect bridal bouquet. These blooms make up a simple, natural-looking standalone bouquet, or add a touch of tenderness to the rest of your flowers. With its simple, yet elegant appearance Queen Anne’s Lace flower will surely catch everyone’s attention as you grace down the aisle.

  1. Succulents 

If you’re looking to steer away from the ordinary, adding succulents to your bridal bouquet is your best shot. Succulents are a gorgeous and unusual option for a summer wedding bouquet, but they are guaranteed to last all the way through your special day.
While succulents are not considered blooming flowers, they can still add an outstanding decorative element to your perfect bridal bouquet. 


  • To keep your perfect bridal bouquet looking fresh leave it in a cool area, out of direct sunlight;
  • Opt for heat-tolerant flowers and decorative elements that thrive even when the temperatures rise;
  • Store your perfect bridal bouquet in freshwater for as long as possible before usage.

By following the suggestions above, you’ll surely be able to craft a perfect bridal bouquet that fits your personal taste and priorities. Get the fast and easy flower delivery in Dubai

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