Best House Plants For Every Type Of Home

10 Of The Best House Plants For Every Type Of Home

Whether you’re blessed with living in a house with tons of square footage, or a small one-bedroom apartment, indoor plants are an essential element for making your home come alive. In today’s blog post we’re highlighting 10 of the best house plants that will add color and texture to your indoor spaces.

But before we list the top 10 indoor plants, let’s first look at some of the benefits of houseplants growing in your home.

Pollution Filters, Mood-Boosters, And More

Not only do indoor plants add a pop of green to your home, but they’re also instant mood-boosters and a great way to improve your air quality. Whether clustered on windowsills, congregated in corners, or hung from the ceiling in hanging baskets, indoor plants always make your home look and feel better.
Keeping houseplants in your home creates a happier, less stressful environment, and can promote a healthier lifestyle. Research also shows that the practice of caring for indoor plants helps you refocus your energy and better manage your stress. According to NASA, indoor plants can remove up to 87% of toxins in the surrounding air and water, in just 24 hours of entering a home. Houseplants act as natural filters and can catch airborne particles, allergens, dust, and mold.
Moreover, indoor plants help lower background noises. Plants and their leaves absorb sound and diffract the background noise, giving the surrounding environment a more peaceful atmosphere. So if you’re living in a busy area bringing in a few houseplants can help you keep noise levels down. Buy Indoor Plants Online in Dubai from the innovative floral shop

There is a lot to be said about the benefits of houseplants and the plant’s ability to brighten up a room and improve well-being. Following are 10 of the best indoor plants that have the research to back up the claims.

10 Best Indoor Plants To Boost Your Well-Being 

  1. Pothos

Pothos is one of the most well-known indoor plants which is super easy to care for and seems to thrive from neglect. Pothos help purify the air around you naturally by eliminating odors, benzene, formaldehyde, and carbon monoxide. Pothos plants are ideal for your office space as well because they can help alleviate the irritations of having your eyes fixed on your computer screen for hours.

  1. Spider Plant 

Spider plants are the best indoor plants for anyone new to the botanical world. They can withstand the learning lessons in plant care, which makes them a great starter plant.
Spider plants are natural air purifiers. They boost the oxygen levels in your home by absorbing carbon and nitrogen dioxide. 

Show this plant some extra love and you’ll notice little baby blooms growing as well. 

  1. Snake Plant 

If you’re suffering from allergies all year long Snake Plants are the best indoor plants for you.
The Snake plant is a distinct succulent that’s native to tropical West Africa. With their dramatic, upwardly pointing, angular leaves, these indoor plants create great visual impact wherever you place them.
As members of the succulent family, Snake plants store water in their thick leaves and help to add moisture in the air while also releasing a lot of oxygen.

Snake Plants are regarded as one of the easiest houseplants to care for. They require low, indirect light and can thrive in any part of the house.

  1. Boston Fern 

Boston fern plants are the best indoor plants to help you brighten up a room and purify the air in your living environment.  In a study by NASA researchers, it was discovered that the Boston fern was effective in removing formaldehyde from the air. 

If you choose to keep one in your home, place it in a location with high-humidity areas. Having this in mind, Boston ferns may be the best indoor plants when looking to add some greenery to your bathroom. 

  1. Chinese Evergreen

Chinese Evergreen are attractive species with colorful, variegated foliage. By far Chinese Evergreen is one of the easiest indoor plants to care for. That makes them the best indoor plants for those looking for low-maintenance plant types. With their attractive species and colorful foliage, Chinese Evergreen plants emit plenty of oxygen while also eliminating toxins, and make breathing around your home easier.

  1. Aloe Vera Plant 

Aloe Vera plants are another great choice for the plant parents that are still new to the botanical world. These desert succulents are one of the best indoor plants because they are very forgiving, and require very little care. All they need is plenty of sunshine and a few drops of water every now and then. So if you’ve got some windows that are facing South, aloe vera plants would thrive there. 

  1. Peace Lily 

If you’re looking for houseplants to purify the air in your living environment, the Peace Lily plant is your most likely candidate. Peace Lily plants topped NASA’s list in terms of the amount of VOCs removed.
As a houseplant, the Peace Lily is known to be easy to grow and one of the best indoor plants for novice gardeners.  It’s easily adaptable to almost all of the rooms in your home, but though it will grow in average conditions, ideally Peace Lily plants prefer high humidity. 

8. Jade Plant


Jade plants act as natural humidifiers by helping the loss of moisture in the air. These plants are one of the best indoor plants to have for the winter season. The heating in our homes in winter leads to low humidity in the air, which can cause dry skin and itchy eyes. Jade plants have the ability to slow down the evaporation rates and keep the air in your home moisturized, which makes the best indoor plants to have around your home during the winter days. 

  1. Sweetheart Plant        

This adorable little heart-shaped plant, also known as Hoya kerrii, would make a perfect addition to your window sill. The Hoya kerrii plant belongs to the succulents family and it needs very little care, making it a perfect choice for anyone who’s looking to add some greenery to their homes, but can’t devote much time to taking care. 

  1.  Swiss Cheese Plant

If you have more space to work with, The Swiss Cheese Plant is a great indoor plant to make a green statement. The Swiss cheese plant is also known as window leaf it’s native to the tropical forests of South and Central America. With its huge, glossy, dark green leaves, this indoor plant is a striking addition to any room.
Swiss Cheese Plant is a great plant for newbies and experienced plant people alike.

The Bottom Line

Sharing your living or working space with gorgeous house plants will make your environment a happier and healthier place to be.
Indoor plants are more than just chic décor. They can help you relieve stress, boost your creativity and productivity levels, help you focus, and can even promote recovery. 

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