Want to Deliver Beautiful Flowers for your Loved Ones?

One of the beautiful gifts of mother nature is flowers, and flowers, in turn, make the sweetest gifts for others. Deliver Beautiful Flowers Online on special occasions, sweet-smelling flowers can be a simple reminder of your love and care for a family member or a dear friend, or someone more special in your life. 

A gift for any occasion 

Flowers have this unique quality of bringing cheer to anyone who is depressed. Their exquisite look and fragrance bring freshness all around. These qualities make flowers one of the favorite gift items of any event, irrespective of occasion, ceremony, and festival. When one is unsure what item to gift for any occasion, flowers come up as the most well-accepted present for any age group and event. So, if it is Valentine’s day, Emirati Women’s day, friendship day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, all saints Day, the UAE national day, a bouquet of fresh flowers is the best way to greet anyone. 

Deliver Beautiful Flowers is a simple way to express love and feeling for near and dear ones. And they are known to bring back the romance in a marriage no matter how many years have passed. If one wants to spice up the romance in a relationship, the choice always has flowers from time immemorial. If one stays far away from their loved ones, gifting flowers through online services makes it easy, convenient, and budget-friendly.

Distance is no more a hindrance nowadays when it comes to gifting flowers. Wide range to choose from One can get confused when choosing from the flower varieties. The flowers are not only seasonal but also occasion-specific. However, there are popular choices. For instance, it could be red roses or elegant Asiatic lilies for lovers. Also, one can make a bouquet with an exquisite mix of red roses, lilies, alstroemeria, Peruvian lilies, and gerberas. These combinations can dazzle a recipient.

Then you have the tulips, daisies, orchids, chrysanthemums, which can be gift wrapped by expert florists. The flowers are well-wrapped in soft tissues to remain fresh for a long time and hence do not get spoiled. Sending floral gifts has been a tradition to whoever the recipient might always create a pleasant surprise and leaves a lasting impression. It does not cost much, but the impact it generates is a lasting one.

The History of Flowers

It is common knowledge that roses are symbols of love but have we ever wondered where the meanings came from? Using flowers has been a tradition before the 19th Century. Still, Floriography was formalized only in 1809 by Joseph Hammer-Purgstall. He wrote a book meaning flowers with the help of Greek and Armenian women. Even though Floriography was popular in Europe, the women of the Ottoman empire inspired Floriography. They used flowers to convey messages which they could not say openly. The Greek and Armenian women translated the Turkish sayings for flowers in French.

It was the Era where romanticism was at its height, and the rise of flower symbolism was making sense. People used flowers to exchange their emotions. During this Era, nature got its due importance. Everyone became aware of the natural surroundings and took care and studied more about the languages of the flower.

Complimenting the Gift of Flowers

It is considered a good idea to compliment flowers with chocolates and cakes, especially when is sending greetings for Birthdays, anniversaries, parties, or social gatherings. One can easily Order Flowers Online in Dubai and have them delivered across to the destination of choice. Companies like Stems n Pots are popular to deliver beautiful flowers and online flower delivery services in Dubai that operate across the UAE.

The company has an eCommerce platform for the bigger floral brand Wardit Al Banafsaj. The e-Commerce brand formed in 2015 is an upmarket and innovative flower company in Dubai providing flowers of all types with unique designs to meet the diverse needs of individuals and corporates.

They also cater to the retail and wholesale market, supermarkets, weddings, business events, restaurants, television shows, hotels, and Spas all over UAE. While Stems in Pots takes care of the operational part, the parent company Wardit Al Banfsaj takes care of the rates and marketing.

Ordering online

Deliver Beautiful flowers has never been so convenient and hassle-free. One can go to a flower company website and select categorized flowers for different occasions. The attractive and real-life high-quality images give one a feel of the real-time flowers and make them easier to select. One can plan and place orders accordingly. It can be the same day, midnight delivery for a special anniversary and Birthday occasions, or any fixed time and date delivery. Online florists ensure fresh flowers are timely delivered along with any complimentary gift items like cakes and chocolates across any destination in the UAE. So, next time when you order a bouquet online, you can rest assured that these expert florists will have it delivered on time with the most immaculate wrappings!

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