Summer Plant Care Tips To Keep Your Garden Blooming All Summer Long

From watering to trimming, many gardeners are unsure about the best summer gardening approach that will help their outdoor crops and beautiful flowers to withstand the season. Whether you’re a hobby gardener or interested in growing plants, these summer plant care tips will help you keep your summer flower garden fresh and blooming all summer long.

Plants And Flowers Can Feel The Head Too

Having a rich, green landscape is what every homeowner dreams of. Nothing compares to enjoying a glass of fresh lemonade on a summer afternoon on the patio, surrounded by the charming scents of your flower garden. But maintaining one can be challenging, especially during the dog days of summer. Plants and flowers are extremely sensitive to the environment, and they require special care and protection in different weather conditions. In particular, if you do not adopt adequate summer plant care steps, hot summers can be rough on your green landscape. When temperatures climb into the 90’s and above, our outdoor plants and flowers can feel uncomfortable and stressed in the heat just like we do. Generally, the heat stress of a plant is demonstrated by wilting, which is a definite indicator of water loss. But heat stress doesn’t only result in merely droopy leaves in the heat of the afternoon. Improper summer plant care can also lead to things like stunted growth, leaf drop, leaf scald, failure to flower, or failure to produce seeds.

In today’s blog post we will be discussing some so the best summer plant care tips to help you nurture your Summer Garden. Stems’n’pots’ team of highly skilled florists has put together this list of 5 Summer Plant Care Tips to keep your plants healthy and blooming this summer. Read on to find out the best summer plant care tips to keep your garden thriving during the summer.

Summer Plant Care Tips To Keep You Summer Flower Garden Fresh And Blooming

1.Choose Climate Appropriate Plants For Your Garden

One of the most important summer plant care tips that the trusted team of florists at Stems’n’Pots always offers is to make sure that you select the right plants and flowers suitable for the climate in your region. Suppose you’re living in Torshavn, Norway – the least sunny city in the world. In this case, your summer garden in Torshavn can never be filled with plants native to South Africa and Australia that need ample sunshine to thrive. It’s important to think about this because you can try every summer plant care tip you want, but you can never have success with a bloom that was never intended to grow in such a climate. Choose to plant plants and flowers that are likely to thrive in your current climate. Such native plants require lower maintenance and reduce the risk of invasive plants taking over your foliage.

2. Be Strategic With Your Plants Placement

The second best advice from our summer plant care tips list is to pay close attention to the Sun portion and light requirements needed before planting a new flower. Does your new plant need a full-share, partial-share, light-share, or maybe it requires a plentiful of sunlight to thrive? Oftentimes, homeowners write off a low-sun area in their yards they are unaware that some flowers bloom in shade. Flowers like forget-me-nots and coral bells are great choices that do well in shady spots. While flowers like petunias and sunflowers are full-sun plants. These plants can withstand the midday sun and need at least seven hours of direct sunlight to flourish.

3. Improve The Quality Of The Soil

The summer heat can take a toll on the soil quality in your garden. Due to increased evaporation during the summer heat, the soil tends to become very dry. Though certain plants, such as cactus and succulents, are well-adapted to heat summer flowers, such as sunflowers and pansies require dome special summer plant care. When planting summer flowers in your garden, apply compost or soil improver, such as mulch, to enhance the moisture and water-retaining capacity of your soil. It will also aid with nutrient delivery to your plants that will boost roots, green foliage, and flower production.

4. Water Your Plants At The Right Time

Timely and proper watering is one of the crucial summer plant care tips and the heart of keeping your summer garden green and flourishing. The best time to water your plants is early in the morning, or later in the evening when the heat is less. When watering your plants too late in the day, due to the high temperature the water quickly evaporates leaving your garden dry. Consider watering once a week with a long soak (30–45 minutes), rather than a tiny bit of water every day. Deep watering encourages deeper, stronger plant roots, which need even less watering.

5. Don’t Re-Pot During Peak Summer

Activities like re-potting and trimming sets plants at risk of shock and stress if it’s done in peak summer. Avoid repotting during peak summer as proper repotting requires trimming some of the root mass and it also damages the foliage of the plants. So save your plant re-potting for the cooler seasons of the year when your plants’ survival isn’t the first priority. But if you must do it (the pot of a newly bought plant is too small or similar emergencies) we recommend choosing the least warm hours of the day. It is also useful to prepare the soil for detachment during the previous 24 hours, wetting it much more than usual.


Everyone loves a flowery summer garden and our list of summer plant care tips aims at helping you successfully grow and maintain one. As far as the welling of your summer plants and flowers is concerned, summers can be a tough time. In order to enjoy a luscious and colorful summer garden, proper summer plant care is crucial.

The professional floriculturists at Stems’n’Pots suggest the following 5 summer plant care tips help you keep your keep plants healthy and growing throughout the summer:

1. Choose Climate Appropriate Plants and Flowers

2. Develop A Strategic Plant Placement Scheme

3. Improve The Soil Quality

4. Water, Water, Water

5. Save Re-potting For The Colder Days Of The Year

By successfully implementing these 5 summer plant care tips you’ll have your summer flower garden looking fresh and blooming all season long. Visit the Stems’n’Pots website to shop for our latest indoor and outdoor plant collection.

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