10 Wedding Flowers That Symbolize And Attract Good Fortune

10 Wedding Flowers That Symbolize And Attract Good Fortune

10 Wedding Flowers That Symbolize and attract good fortune. Having a hard time choosing the blooms for your perfect bridal bouquet? Start with these tried-and-true favorites, that despite creating an outstanding floral arrangement, will also bring a little good fortune to your wedding day. 

Choosing The Best Wedding Flowers For Your Bridal Bouquet 

When it comes to wedding flowers, figuring out what specific blooms you want to include in your perfect bridal bouquet can certainly be overwhelming. Are you looking for something classy or trendy? Colorful or neutral? Large or minimal? There are endless styles and color pallets to choose from.

With the peak wedding season in Dubai approaching soon, we thought it’d be nice to take some of your sweet worries away by highlighting 10 of the best wedding flowers for your perfect bridal bouquet that symbolize and attract good fortune. Order Flowers Online in Dubai from your creative florist which delivers beautiful wedding flowers for your loved ones.

Floral Symbolism At Weddings

The flowers you hold while walking down the aisle are more than just a pretty bunch of blooms. The symbolism of flowers dates back centuries ago when brides used to carry wedding flowers because it was believed it will protect them from illness and misfortune. The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that the intense fragrance of wedding flowers would chase away evil spirits.
But flower power goes beyond keeping bad energy at bay. Cultures around the world believe that certain wedding flowers are auspicious and can attract good fortune as well. Similarly, during the Romanesque period, the bride and the groom used to wear flower garlands around the neck that symbolized new life, hope, and faith. This tradition is still present in weddings on some islands around the world. 

Despite the fact that you’re already feeling very lucky to be marrying your significant other, we believe that all newlyweds couples could benefit from a little good fortune boost.

Read on to find out the 10 lucky wedding flowers that will help you to create your perfect bridal bouquet and bring a little good fortune to your special day. 

10 Wedding Flowers For Your Bridal Bouquet That Aspire Good Fortune

  1. Peonies

In China, peonies are believed to bring wealth. Prized for their delicacy and impressive beauty brides often wear them embroidered on their clothing, or incorporate them into their bridal bouquets. In Korea, these lush blooms represent marital happiness and passion and are used for the bride and groom’s centerpieces.

  1. Roses

Rose wedding flowers are an all-star in the world of weddings. The beauty of these perfect blooms symbolizes love and fertility. Rose blossoms play a significant role in weddings in Greece where rose petals mixed with rice are being thrown at the newlyweds’ couple at the moment they’re officially considered married. In many other countries in the world, rose petals are also tossed at couples to invite love and abundance. 

  1. Jasmine

Often seen in Hawaiian weddings, these heavenly scented wedding flowers are a joy to behold. Their name derives from the Persian name “Yasmine”, which translates to “Gift from God”. Jasmine is widely known as the flower of love and beauty. Hawaiian brides usually wear leis made of the pikake, local white jasmine to symbolize purity. In India, female wedding guests receive small garlands of jasmine to wrap around their wrists or work into their hair. Jasmine blooms are traditionally used as flowers for weddings and anniversaries in different parts of the world.

  1. Lavender 

A fragrant lavender stem is traditionally associated with love and devotion. Irish brides traditionally carried this aromatic herb as a symbol of devotion.
Incorporating this fragrant stem in your wedding flowers will lend elegance to the ceremony and can help soothe the wedding day jitters with a few sniffs.

  1. Lilies

Lilies are perhaps one of the most beautiful wedding flowers. In ancient Greece and Rome, lilies were used for adorning the heads of newlyweds. Nowadays, lilies symbolize purity, femininity, and love. These magnificent blooms are also considered sacred wedding flowers that ward off evil spirits and attract positive ones.  In Polynesian weddings, the officiant binds the couple’s wrists together with garlands of cordyline fructose lilies to ensure that only positive spirits are brought to the newlyweds. 

  1. Marigold

Marigolds flowers, or ‘herbs of the Sun’ symbolize passion, positivity, and happiness bestowed on the newlywed couples. These magnificent blooms add a traditional touch to weddings in the modern era. During the Tudor period in England, for instance, brides carried marigolds, which were believed to be aphrodisiacs.(yes, these flowers are edible and look great floating in cocktails if you’re trying to fix up single friends at your wedding) Marigolds are also used at Indian weddings as an auspicious flower in the garlands the couple exchanges during the ceremony.

  1. Dahlias

Dahlias blossoms are a symbol of commitment and bond that lasts forever, making them ideal wedding flowers for your perfect bridal bouquet. With over 50,000 of dahlias flowers available you’ll find these blooms in almost every color and shape. Dehlias are also a very popular choice of flowers among brides because they’re one of the longest-lasting cut flowers. A bridal bouquet made of dahlias blooms embodies refinement and sophistication.

  1. Gardenias

The gorgeous gardenia blooms represent purity and joy – two things strongly associated with weddings. They also represent renewal and new beginnings, making them a great choice for wedding flowers. Victorian men used to give a gardenias to their better halves to let them know how they felt about them. A snowy white bloom, glossy evergreen leaves, and an intoxicating fragrance make these flowers a great choice for your perfect bridal bouquet. 

  1. Lily Of The Valley

Lily of the valley is considered to be traditional marriage flower which symbolizes purity and the return of happiness. Its gentle blooms are also identified with Ostara, the German goddess of spring and fertility. Because of its absolute beauty and the meaning behind this flower, Lily of the valley is a perfect choice of wedding flowers for your bridal bouquet. In royal weddings of Queen Victoria, Princess Astrid of Sweeden, and Kate Middleton, they all these white, bell-shaped buds as their wedding bouquets. 

  1.  Baby’s Breath 

The tiny, white blooms of Baby’s breath flower symbolize purity, everlasting love, and romance. Beautifully crafted baby’s breath bridal bouquets typically demonstrate affection and devotion. Baby breath blossoms are also an excellent filler flower for bridal bouquets, creating a dreamy look.  This flower is also a symbol of new beginnings, hope, and innocence, making it a perfect choice for wedding flowers.

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